History of the 6 Hour Relay

2019 will see the fourteenth running of this event.   The first thirteen years has seen capacity or near capacity fields and it still remains the most exciting event in the Nation for Club based competitors. The event has been designed in the spirit of the 6 hour Relay Race, which has decades long history, however the event now has many different elements and exciting new innovations designed to make it more appealing to a broader cross-section of competitors and has even been refered to as the Bathurst for grass roots motor sport competitors.

For 2019 the Victorian 6 Hour Relay will join with the Porsche Cluib of Victoria to present the first Regularity Relay Endurance Series. More information on this Series will be announced as the events draw closer.

in 2014, The Victorian 6 Hour Relay was named the CAMS Victoirian Event of the Year.

The event is conducted at Australia's premier race track - The Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

What do I need?

The major attraction of this event is that it is open to anyone holding a CAMS L2S, L2SJ or above license. This allows grass roots motor sport competitors a chance to sample what higher level motor sport is all about without the added inherent costs. Vehicle requirements are that of a sprint, so you don't need a fully race prepared log booked car. Most cars are eligible and only require the normal safety equipment needed at a sprint event, however all cars need a racing style harness and open cars or cars on racing tyres need a CAMS complying roll cage.


The event is specifically designed to give club members the chance to form teams of drivers and pit crew to compete against other teams. It is not a race but rather a Regularity event and as such does not just involve outright speed. Each driver nominates a target lap time which they believe can be consistently maintained. If you go quicker than your time the lap doesn't count, if you hit your target time then you get the lap plus a bonus lap, if you are slower than your target time then you get only the lap.

The event is being conducted under the authority of the International Sporting Code of the F.I.A , the National Competition Rules of CAMS and the Modern Regularity Regulations. A team of CAMS affiliated clubs are supporting the event, comprising of: the Gippsland Car Club the Victorian Mini Club Inc. and Phillip Island Auto Racing Club,

Get behind the event, have some fun, and get a taste of competition. This is a great Motor Sport Club development event




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