The 2019 Victorian 6 Hour Relay will be conducted over the weekend of 27th and 28th July.

Further Regulations for the 2019 Victorian 6 Hour Relay available HERE.

Important information regarding Fuel for the 2019 Victorian 6 Hour Relay.

All competitors in the 2019 Victorian 6 Hour Relay please note: as from 1st July 2019 the use of leaded fuels in motorsport is banned.  This ban includes our event. Also please note there has been a change to the Fuel supplier for the event and fuel will now be supplied by Race Fuels.
As you would all be aware the organisers of the event would prefer all competitors to use the fuels provided by Race Fuels and not bring your own.
Race Fuels has a range of products to suit all applications, and these are all available from bowsers at the fuel bund.  This means fresh fuel, no contaminates, no drums to store and no empty drums to take home. Please download the Fuel Account Registration form and send to Race Fuels so they can be sure to have enough fuel for all those who need it.  Please remember you will only pay for the fuel you purchase at the event.
If you opt to bring your own Fuel, there are some things you will need to comply with for this event.
All fuel must be stored in the Fuel bund in the area designated and you must comply with the storage guidelines listed below.  There is no fuel storage permitted in the garages for this event.
You will also need to transport your fuel from the fuel bund up to the refuelling area behind garages 50 to 59 to refuel.  You must also provide a second person to help with the refuelling and this person must be attired in neck to ankle clothing and with fully enclosed shoes and must be holding a fire extinguisher ready for use should the need occur. It is also your responsibility to clean up any spills before you leave the refuelling area. After refuelling you must take your empty drums back to the fuel bund. No drums may be stored in the garages at this event or in the boots of cars or in trailers. Breaches of these rules will be severely dealt with.;
Also remember that you must take any fuel not used and all empty drums home with you at the end of the event.

Fuel Compound Storage Guidelines

Fuel must be in fuel safe containers compliant to AS 2906
Approved JerryCans and steel drums to a maximumcapacity of 60 litreswill be accepted
Drums/Packages in excess of 60 litres will NOT be accepted for storage within th Fuel Compound
All containers to be clearly marked as Class 3 Flamable Liquids - Red Class 3 Diamond affixed
All containers to be clearly labelled for:
Brand of Fuel
UN Number

All containers to be clearly labelled:
Competitors Name
Competition Number
Contact Phone Number

Product MSDS to be supplied
No decanting or refuelling of fuel via jerry cans is to be performed by competitors within the confines of the Fuel Compound

If you have questions on these procedures, please contact the organisers or Race Fuels to clarify.
For the Fuel Compound Storage Guidelines please click HERE
Fuel Bowser services and times please click HERE.
For the Fuel Account Registration form please click HERE

Victorian 6 Hour Relay Inc is pleased to announce the updated grid list and also your team numbers for the 2019 event. To view your team number, driver alphas and garage details click HERE.

That Means there is approximately:

Until this event starts for 2019

Again in 2019 we will be offering the Tuesday night document check at the Emerald Hotel, Clarendon Street, South Melbourne on Tuesday July 23rd from 8.00pm until 9.30pm. The hotel offers very good bistro and bar meals, please book with the hotel.
We will also be offering the very popular Friday night park up on Friday 26th July from 6.00pm until 7.45pm. There will be no admittance after 7.30pm.

We recommend you check this web site regularly for updates on the 2019 event.



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